Payment can be made:

Confirmation of booking is only valid upon receipt .

a) Paypal


PayPal lets anyone with an email address send and receive money online, and is the most experienced credit card and check processing company on the internet.

PayPal uses existing financial infrastructures of bank accounts and credit cards, and acts as the only intermediary between the Buyer (You), and the Seller.

This is what makes PayPal the most trusted online payment system.

PayPal is trusted by millions of buyers! It is one of the most preferred payment methods.

Paypal acount: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 b) Bank Transfer

Pay with bank transfer!

 c) Revolut

Pay the deposit instantly with your smartphone, send money with zero fees!



PhoneNumber: +306998009800






 d) Binance Pay

Pay the deposit and the full amount instantly with Binance Pay, and get 10% discount!


  PayID: 104497787





e) Crypto payment

Pay the deposit and the full amount instantly with Crypto , and get 10% discount!